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Aluminium Design

Whatever your needs we are here to help, with over 30 years of experience in the industry, we will be able to help you design out cost and design in savings to your product if necessary. There are many different factors that affect the finished design of an aluminium special extrusion so it’s virtually impossible to give examples here. Such factors as other mating parts, important tolerances, visible surfaces and the eventual surface finish i.e. anodising or powder coating are important elements to take into account when designing a new special aluminium extrusion. If you are new to aluminium extrusion design and supply please call AM Aluminium to discuss your requirements and we will guide you through the minefield of this process. This will ensure that you end up with the right product fit for purpose and ready to use first time. I have come across so many examples of bad advice and design that create further problems down the line that I will help to prevent this and if a cannot I will ensure you get the right advice. We are only a phone call away... Tel: 01274 945900
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Machining Aluminium

We offer a complete range of fabrication services, including CNC machining of aluminium extrusions. Facilities include cut to length, deburr, drilling, punching, bending, machining and a host of other facilities too numerous to mention. If you want a complete and fully finished product please give AM Aluminium a call to discuss your requirements we will be only too happy to help you achieve a complete product. Please see some portfolio page for some examples of the aluminium special extrusions or components we have supplied to our valued customers.
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Aluminium Finishing

AM Aluminium Ltd offer a complete finishing service for your aluminium extrusions and extruded components, with a large range of finishing choices available for all customers to choose from. Finishing is usually the last process undertaken by your product, but is by no means the least important, with the visual form of the extrusion often being a major appeal. In addition to the most common finishing types which are detailed below, we can provide a range of other finishes, such as polishing or chrome plating; please contact to discuss what finish you require if unsure.


Anodising is an electrochemical process used to produce durable and decorative finishes. This can also be carried out in a range of colours. The natural protective oxide coating formed on exposure of aluminium to the atmosphere can be thickened by anodising. In essence the process consists of passing an electric current through an acid solution in which the immersed aluminium component acts as the anode, and aluminium or lead typically provides the cathode. During the process electrolysis breaks down the water into oxygen and hydrogen; the oxygen combines with the aluminium to produce aluminium oxide and the hydrogen is liberated. All colours (except white) can be achieved by anodising aluminium to give you a truly decorative finish to suit all your requirements so please call to discuss. Hard anodising is also offered which give you a truly hard wearing finish that is suitable for extreme conditions.

Powder Coating

With powder coating, the range of colours and patterned designs is almost endless. We supply the full range of architectural grade polyester powder coatings to meet every requirement. This represents a cost effective route to achieving an extremely durable and colourful finish. Colours can be chosen from the extensive RAL or BS colour ranges in matt, satin or high gloss. We can also match any specific customer specifications in metallic, flat or textured finishes.
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AM Aluminium Ltd are pleased to announce the purchase of a new elumatec UK SBZ140 CNC Aluminium Machining Centre. This is a 4+ 1 axis machine with with the capacity to machine parts up to 4 Metre long. This is a substantial investment by AM Aluminium and it enables the company to offer a one stop service for fully machined special aluminium extrusions at competitive prices.. Any new or existing customers who would like a quote on any products please contact us
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